About the F.M. Duffy Group

Founded by Francis (Frank) M. Duffy, Ph. D., Professor of Change-Leadership in Education at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. and one of the premier experts in school system transformation in the United States, The F. M. Duffy Group was formed to offer school systems a powerful vision for high performance and practical tools to help change leaders meet the high standards for student achievement set by public expectations and the No Child Left Behind Act.

The F. M. Duffy Group provides training and technical assistance to help transform entire school systems by creating and sustaining change along three change paths:

  • Path 1: Improve the system's relationship with its external environment
  • Path 2: Improve the system's core and supporting work processes
  • Path 3: Improve the system's internal social infrastructure
This kind of systemic transformational change is created and sustained using a specially designed and research-based methodology called Step-Up-To-Excellence SM.

The "Group" is a coalition of professional education consultants and practitioners. Dr. Duffy selects people from this coalition to form consulting teams to help clients. The consultants and practitioners vary from team to team because they are selected to meet the particular needs and desires of a client school district. The size of the consulting teams also varies, depending on client needs and desires.

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