Vision for a Transformed School System

The F. M. Duffy Group's VISION for systemic school improvement can be represented in five ways, described as following:

  • Visualize community leaders, parents, students, and teachers working together in a large-group framing and defining their dreams, aspirations and strategic goals for their school district. See all these participants energized by their productive collaboration and developing feelings of ownership for the dreams, aspirations, and goals. Where there is a need, envision participants becoming inspired to fill that need. Where there is an opportunity, hear others defining the goals for and the potential of those opportunities.
  • Imagine the excitement in the air as school administrators, principals, teachers, and support personnel use the outcomes of the earlier community gathering to redesign their district. Feel the palpable energy of school reform fueled by grassroots involvement, unleashed creativity and, most of all, commitment from all the key players that make a school system run. Taste the sweetness of success as dreams, aspirations, and goals are realized as never before.
  • Sense the power of a school system in which teachers come together often in "communities of practice" to create more effective strategies for teaching and learning; where teachers, parents, and administrators collaborate on teams to find creative solutions to help students become more proficient in their learning; where students pool their learning to present knowledgeable presentations and documents on various topics.
  • Imagine a school system that cares as much for the adults who work in the system as it does for the students. See these professionals creating student, teacher, and system knowledge and then using that knowledge to move their district toward higher and higher levels of performance.
  • Observe a school district not engaged in yearly rapid-fire change, yet having the capacity to sustain change over time. See that school district harnessing the collective power of its human, technical, financial and time resources and focusing them on creating and sustaining a high performing school system.
  • Note that this is the vision we have for school districts transformed using the Step-Up-To-Excellence methodology - a comprehensive, systemic, systematic, and strategic methodology for redesigning entire school systems.

Now, imagine your school system engaged in a whole-district transformation to enact this vision. Imagine the benefit to your school district, the children and parents you serve, and the educators and supporting staff working in your district as transformation teams begin applying cutting-edge principles for transforming your district to increase student, teacher, and system learning. Imagine your district becoming a community of learners engaged in a never-ending journey of district-wide improvement.