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Welcome to The F. M. Duffy Group, offering professional training in change-leadership and intensive, ongoing consultation to help education leaders transform their school districts into high-performing learning organizations. We work to empower education leaders to meet the challenging standards of public expectations as well as the No Child Left Behind Act and the Baldridge Quality in Education Criteria.

Our tools, methods, and practices have been researched, published, and employed. Our approach uniquely combines successful strategies in education, business, government, and other industries, focused on building the capacity of our clients to lead large-scale, systemic change in their school systems.

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The F.M. Duffy Reports

The F.M. Duffy ReportsFree quarterly reports on leading systemic school district transformation. Read the latest report, or view the report archives.

Latest News

Duffy recently compiled a directory of revolutionaries [pdf] who envision dramatic changes in education systems and their component school districts.